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We believe GoingConcern is just not another accounting firm and for that we strive very hard to make the difference in whatever we do. At GoingConcern, we just do not offer jobs, we offer opportunities to further enhance and elevate your career.


What's working at GoingConcern like?


Participative - Put your full talents to work and make valued contributions to build the firm, shape its future, and have fun too, as we continue to grow.

Fulfilling - Spend your time doing what you love: interesting, challenging work that solves problems and leads projects to success. Serve clients the way you've always wanted to -- with integrity and objectivity, and without any conflicting third-party relationships.

Solution Attitude – Solutioning is the most important trait of our employees. We need people who look at problems as opportunities and have the ability to look at it from various perspectives and move towards a solution. More than analytical skills, we require creative possibilities for a problem. If you are a person who loves providing solutions, then you will enjoy working with us. In short, We look for someone who cuts the crap and get things done.

Openness - to learning and admitting shortcomings – curiosity, probing nature, ability to question, and proactively admitting shortcomings and seeking help/advice are more important than knowledge to us.

Collaborative working – Simply put, if you can understand and appreciate that it’s teamwork that makes the game, then you know what we are looking for.

Customer focus – you should be paranoid about customer delight and an innate passion to serve customers. If you measure your success with customer satisfaction levels, then we are looking for you.

Honesty, transparency – Very old values, but the most important traits that we look for in our employees. Our tolerance levels on both these aspects is ZERO.

Communication – We believe that communication is not as much about language as it is the willingness to express and articulate one’s thoughts. It is also about listening and assimilating what the other person has to say. Besides oral communication, we place a lot of emphasis on communication through body language and written communication.

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